Acquiring books

Nearly all Cherry Gilchrist’s books are available in printed editions as new and used copies, and/or on Kindle.  Rather than give specific links, which change frequently, we suggest that you search and order copies online, with Amazon or other internet booksellers, or through your local bookshop. (There are also foreign language editions for some titles.) And Cherry would be delighted if you can post further reviews on Amazon or Good Reads.

Most recent publications

The Circle of Nine

A circle of nine feminine archetypes represent a woman’s journey through life, and how three Queens, Mothers and Ladies portray the feminine soul. It covers the stages from daughter to grandmother, with suggestions for both personal and group work. This expanded version of Cherry Gilchrist’s classic text also includes new research, revealing how ‘the nine’ is an
ancient template for women’s spirituality.
‘A wonderful source for women’s interests and needs.’ Carol S. Pearson. Author of Persephone Rising

Russian Magic

A celebration of Russian fairy tales, native wisdom and folk art, based on Cherry Gilchrist’s numerous visits to Russia over a 15-year period. Her many conversations with Russian artists and country-dwellers, plus scholarly research, have enabled her to create a fresh approach to Russian mythology and the Russian ‘spirit of place’.
‘It is the first time any Westerner has understood the Russian soul’ Alexander Prior, Musician and Composer

Kabbalah: The Tree of Life Oracle

This oracle, which includes 57 cards and a guidebook, combines the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah and astrology in one unique divination system. The cards are derived from combinations of Hebrew letters on the Tree of Life, and Cherry Gilchrist has acted as its
interpreter since its creation by a Kabbalist and a native Hebrew speaker in the 1970s. The full story of its creation is told in the guidebook. Highly sought-after since it went out of print some years ago, it is now available in a new edition.

Growing Your Family Tree

What do your ancestors mean to you? A new approach to family history, which encourages ways of turning the process of research into a journey of discovery. The guide to methods and resources is enhanced with personal experiences offered by other family historians especially for this book.
‘Facts and practical advice are combined with creative and inspiring ideas as well as tips and guidance to help you in your personal quest.… What this book offers is a new perspective.’
Philippa McCray Federation of Family History Societies

Your Life, Your Story

In every life, there is a story worth telling. A practical and creative guide to setting down your personal narrative. Exercises and examples guide the reader through this process, based on Cherry Gilchrist’s years of experience teaching life writing.
‘If you ever wanted to write your life story, but don’t know where to begin, then this is the book for you.’ Practical Family History

Alchemy: The Great Work

This key study of the history, practice and meaning of alchemy has almost never been out of print since the first edition in 1984. It has been republished in different editions and in several languages across the world. Backed by scrupulous research and inspired by the author’s own understanding of hidden traditions, it remains the most clear and accessible introduction to alchemy. ‘I believe that this is a propitious time to take a fresh look at alchemy – (this is) a very wise, illuminating, and eminently readable place to start’. (from Introduction by Mark Booth – philosopher and author of The Sacred History of the World)

Tarot Triumphs

Using the 22 trumps of the traditional Marseilles Tarot, readers are invited to experience the Tarot in a direct, fresh and uncluttered way. History and symbolism enrich our understanding of these cards, and the unique ‘Fool’s Mirror’ layout, gifted to the author by her teacher, reveals a comprehensive way of reading the cards.
‘How wonderful to be immersed in such mature and practical Tarot writing!’ Caitlin Matthews, author of The Complete Arthurian Tarot

Earlier Titles

Everyday Alchemy

A journey which guides the reader through the twelve stages of the alchemical process for personal transformation. It combines the emblems of the 17th c. alchemist Michael Maier with exercises and reflections to help the seeker along the path of everyday life, showing that we can use ancient symbols in a practical and modern way. ‘I read it when I was struggling to be brave…Your book helped me a great deal.’ (Reader D.H.)

Love Begins at 40

Co-authored with Lara Owen, this is a guide for those in mid and later life seeking to find a new partnership. ‘I have no doubt that this book will help countless people in their quest for love in midlife,’ Bel Mooney, Daily Mail columnist.

Planetary Symbolism in Astrology

An early and ground-breaking study about forging a deeper sense of connection with the symbolism of the planets, through specially designed exercises involving observation, meditation and visualisation.

Russian Lacquer Miniatures

A collector’s guide to the exquisite and intricate Russian lacquer miniatures which are created in four villages in central Russia, and often depict fairy tale themes. Cherry Gilchrist visited these centres many times, and arranged exhibitions for their artists in the UK as part of her ongoing business Firebird Russian Arts (1992-2006). She is also an acclaimed lecturer on this unique art form.


How does divination work? What difference is there between the kinds of systems on offer, such as Tarot, I-Ching and astrology? This book gives an overview, which also helps to point the reader to a method which may best suit their needs or abilities.

Books for children and schools

From the Barefoot Books illustrated series ‘celebrating art and story’

Stories from the Silk Road

Magical and traditional tales from the ancient trading route between East and West, introduced by The Spirit of the Silk Road. A very popular title at the British Library’s ‘Silk Road’ exhibition of 2004. Illustrations by Nilesh Mistry

A Calendar of Festivals

Celebrating a collection of calendar customs from different cultures and religions, including ‘How Krishna Stole the Butter’(Holi)  ‘The Story of Esther’ (Purim) and ‘Father Frost’ (Russian New Year). UKRA award-winning title; illustrations by Helen Cann

Sun-Day, Moon-Day

How did the days of the week come into being? An exploration of some of the legends which gave rise to their names, and to the gods and planetary deities who influenced the shaping of our week. Illustrations by Amanda Hall.

Prince Ivan and the Firebird

One feather of the Firebird’s tail was enough to awaken a deep longing in the prince’s heart…. the vibrant and colourful Russian story of the ‘bird of light’, the trickster Grey Wolf the Waters of Life and Death, and the beautiful princess Elena. Illustrated by Andrei Troshkov.

Books for Penguin English

Cherry Gilchrist wrote both originals and ‘re-tellings’ for the series, aimed at young students of English. Her simplified original biography of Princess Diana remains a favourite across the globe, and her adaptations include Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Turn of the Screw, and Sense and Sensibility. Each text is a major challenge of the writer’s craft, as only prescribed, limited vocabulary and grammar can be used.

The Waters of Life

Traditional ‘watery’ tales, re-told for young students of English.

The Streets of London

A young girl finds herself homeless on the streets of London, but discovers her true talent as an artist, and and finds secure independence along the way.

Books for Batsford Educational

In her early career as an author, Cherry Gilchrist wrote a number of books on social history commissioned for schools by the publishers. Cherry’s enduring interest in life stories found a focus here, and for several titles, she interviewed individuals who remembered the period in question.

Life in Britain in World War One

What was it like to live in Britain in World War One? Cherry Gilchrist includes many extracts from original documents and personal interviews. A very popular ‘library loan’ book..

Life in Britain in the 1930s

A snapshot of daily life in the 1930s, from interviews, newspapers, and memorabilia woven together in an appealing narrative for school use.


Cherry Gilchrist’s first commission was to explain this much-misunderstood topic, as a legitimate subject of historical study. She shows here that throughout most of its long history, astrology was a key part of our culture, in its relationship to astronomy and cosmology. It is based on a particular understanding of the universe, and still has much to offer today.