Lockdown Topsham

From the start of the lockdown in March 2020, until the end of July, I walked a two mile circuit around Topsham almost every morning, very early. The images and reflections on this post my personal experience of this, doing homage to the great beauty of the area, and as keepsakes from what we will surely look back on as a very strange time. I hope you will enjoy this excursion through dawn scenery and the curiosities of lockdown Topsham.

Topsham Celebrates

Topsham loves to celebrate – from Charter Day to Christmas Carols at the oldest pub in town. My exploration of our local festivities includes the scandal of a clergyman involved in illegal Tar Barrel Rolling, and a newly revived Wassail ceremony, complete with a robin and a shotgun. There’s also a favourite Topsham recipe that you won’t find anywhere else!

Hidden Topsham

This is part one a look at ‘Hidden Topsham’, and it’s a series of invitations for you to explore certain nooks and crannies of the town. One of the delights I’ve experienced from living in Topsham is the continual discovery of features and stories which are hidden from normal view. Follow me around the town to meet up with an old fishing trawler, the shade of Thomas Hardy, a listed telegraph pole, and the strange story of a secret sect. Topsham is a town of unexpected twists and turns, as I’ll reveal!