Golden Quinces

Quince – the golden fruit of the ancients, but much under-estimated as a delicious fruit today. Although it’s not common to see quinces on sale very often, they once highly prized. In the Middle Ages, quince trees were only planted by wealthy folk, and the dishes cooked with their fruit ranged from preserves and sweetmeats to savoury stews. Find some of my favourite quince recipes, along with its history, in this blog!

Writing for Jackie magazine

This is the story of how ‘three little maids from school’ – Mary, Helen and I – began writing for Jackie magazine. We wrote love stories, opinion pieces and strip stories (that’s stories in picture strips, not anything to do with stripping!) It also reveals how I eventually fell from grace – such a pity, when the cheques stopped coming! The second in my ‘Writer’s Life’ series.

‘A Writer’s Life’ – The Perils of Publishing

I plan to drop a few posts into Cherry’s Cache about my work as a writer, which has now spanned more than half a century. This first one is about what happens, or can happen, at the end of a book run. How do you get rid of surplus books if no one wants to buy them, and the charity shops are overloaded with your donations? The answer may surprise you, but every word written here is true!